Only Libertarian Ziemba challenges Wayne County Prosecutor Kym #NotWorthy

Another bi-partisan contest in Wayne County is the election between Libertarian Daniel Ziemba and incumbent Democrat Kym Worthy.

At a time when many activists are protesting against police brutality and civil libertarians are demanding an end to mass incarceration, the incumbent, Kym Worthy, faced visceral criticism ahead of the Democratic Primary. The hashtag #NotWorthy still leads to multiple postings and videos calling her out on her record. In fact her primary opponentVictoria Burton-Harris defeated her in the election day vote.  However, a record number of people voted absentee, so the incumbent’s name recognition outshone a strong (but too little too late) campaign by her challenger.

So in the General election, anyone who doesn’t vote straight ticket will see that Worthy still has a challenger. Also, if they look into him they will learn that his a platform is much closer to that of Burton-Harris than the incumbent.  Ziemba may also capture the non-Democratic vote, so look forward to interesting results.

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